Two artists. Two mediums.

21 Grams is an artistic collaboration between Waters Winery and artist Makoto Fujimura that reflects the inspiration of the soul in creating fine wine and fine art.

"21 Grams is a wine for cellaring - patience is certain to be rewarded. Commemorate special occasions with an exceptional wine."

Special occasion wines.

Each vintage, this exclusive, 100-case bottling is made from the finest lots of Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon from the cellars of Waters Winery. The final blend from each vintage renders exquisite balance, intensity, layered complexity and a long finish. The label changes with each vintage, and showcases Fujimura’s modern abstract art using the ancient Japanese technique of Nihonga.

International Arts Movement

Art is the future

Waters Winery donates proceeds from the sale of each bottle of 21 Grams to the International Arts Movement, a non-profit organization created by Fujimura to gather artists and creative catalysts from around the world to address the deep questions of art, faith and humanity.