About the winery


An Artisnal Winery located in Walla Walla, Washington.

Waters Winery was founded in 2005 in Walla Walla Valley with Jamie Brown as the winemaker. It all started out when Chris Figgins from Leonetti Cellars introduced Jamie to investors from Colorado Springs who believed that Washington State could produce world class wines. In 2013 TR Wines purchased the winery to complete a portfolio of premium Walla Walla wines. In 2016 Waters Winery opened its second tasting room in the SODO district of Seattle. We look forward to many more years of continued success.


I wanted wines that were more out of the backbone of acid. If it meant less extraction and color so be it.

- Jamie Brown, Winemaker

About the Winemaking

Our Winemaking Philosophy

Sticking to our guns, we remain steadfast in our belief that wine is art first, commodity second. With that in mind, we service the wine and the vineyards they come from by allowing the traits of vineyards be showcased to the very last drop of our wines. Picking as much on acid as sugar and eschewing new oak to reveal the truth of any given wine, we meticulously pick our vineyard sites to complement our vision for each wine we make. The old adage that wine is made in the vineyard is never truer than with Waters Winery. Jamie works closely with the vineyards and site manager to plan every task in the vineyard to complement the vision of the wines he’ll be making. including watering, shoot thinning, cover crops, yield management, and picking dates. As all of these directly affect the outcome of ‘a Jamie style’ wine.

The result has been over 15 years of terroir driven wines that display a consistent ageworthy elegance. Having a clear vision for doing a more restrained, balanced, and food friendly style approach to winemaking sums up what Waters Winery is all about. Enjoy and rock on.